5 ways to make your daily commute more productive

Commuting to and from work is something we all have to do. For some it may take longer time than for others. Instead of letting this be time wasted follow these simple tips on how to make your daily commute more productive.

1. Create a “to-do” list

If you are commuting with public transport or as a passanger, take this time to write down your plans for the day. This helps organize your day, and as a benefit, makes the day more productive. If you are the one driving, make mental notes of your “to-do’s”, or talk to your passengers about them.

2. Relax and unwind

Take this time to disconnect and reload for the day to come. When commuting there wont be any coworker coming up and disturbing your chain of thoughts. Lean back and enjoy your alone time.

3. Mix up your commute

We humans are creatures that easily falls into a pattern, and just go with this everyday. However, a change in your mode of transportation can bring several benefits. For instance, a change of scenery helps boost creativity. Even though taking a different route might take a little bit more time, it will be worth it in the end.

4. Check in with your friends and family

Working days can be long and hectic, and leave you with little to no time to get updated on your private life. Take advantage of your commute, and use this time to call/text your beloved ones or get updated on social media.

5. Get inspired

Take this time to listen to the new album from your favourite aritst, or get updated on the latest podcast you follow. Diconnecting and listening to something you like is a great way to boost your creativity and productivity.

How do you normally spend your commute? Let us know in the comments below!


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