Digital transformation

Every company are going through a digital transformation journey in one way or another. It is unavoidable in this century. And, not surprisingly, it comes with some challenges. What might be surprising is that these challenges don’t seem to be affected by company size or area. In other words, everyone faces more or less the same challenges. Let’s a look at the most common and how to prepare for them.

Resistance to organizational change

It is common knowledge that many people are resistant to change, in both their personal and professional life. A digital transformation comes with many changes; from the company’s core values to the computers software’s.

As management it is important to keep your employees informed and up to date about changes to come, and let them take a part of the process. In that way the organization will easier adjust to all the changes.

Stuck on your business model

You have created a company, that has been, and still might be, very successful. Suddenly surroundings tell you that you must change. Why would you? For one simple reason. In order to stay successful, you need to adapt your company to what the market demands. And this often requires a change in your business model. To stay ahead of the digital transformation journey, you have to be innovative and find new ways to reach your customers.

Forgetting your strategy

Many companies feel they are implementing the digital changes well within their organization. However, what they forget is to change their strategy alongside of the digital transformation. These huge changes will inevitably create a change in the core of your company, and your strategy needs to reflect this.

Of course it exist other obsticles to overcome, and challenges to be faced. However, the ones mentioned above are the most common, and they are also something that can easily be dealth with.

How are your experience with digital transformation? Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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