Let us present to you, Alba Galán!

Cover photo: @padelfotos

We have the honor of presenting you, Alba Galán Romo. Another one of Phonecases3D new ambassadors. She was born in Madrid in 1992, and her passion is padel. And we must admit, she delivers her passion with great success.


Around the age of 8, Alba starting playing padel in the neighborhood´s court. At this time, she didn’t even know what kind of sport they were playing, but she enjoyed it and started exploring. From that day on it was no turning back.  Early in her career she became the World Cup champion in the category under 18. She was the champion in Spain in the category under 23. Last but not least, Alba and her partner ranked at number 9 in the World Padel Tour.

Some interesting facts

Practicing padel is a big part of Alba´s everyday. She mainly focuses on technique and physical as the main areas of her training. But it is also important to take in to account the values of the court, her partner and the sport phycology, as these are big components of the overall game.

Alba has always been interested in sports, and she likes almost all of it. As well as her career, her hobbies include a lot of sports, all from canoeing to winter activities. But as her career takes up a lot of time, she says that a perfect day is to be with her family and friends. Regarding the future, Alba says she likes to focus more on the present than the future. If she keeps focused and works hard now, this hard work will pay of in the future.

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Julia Castro – kiteboarder and our new ambassador

Julia Castro is a professional kiteboarder. She´s born in Fuerteventura in 1994, and her nationality is both Spanish and Danish. We in Phonecases3D are proud to announce that she is one of our new ambassadors.

The start of it all

Sports and activities has always been a big part of Julia´s life. She has tried many different sports, all from karate to horse back riding. Her career in kiteboarding started, a little bit by chance, in 2012. It started when Julia was at the beach, taking pictures of some people kiteboarding. As her camera skills are on point, one of the guys gave her an offer that turned out to be the offer of a lifetime. If she would take some cool pictures of them while kiteboarding, he would give her kiteboarding lessons in exchange. And as you already understand, she said yes!


In the beginning Julia borrowed equipment from her friends, while working hard to save up money for her own. She practiced everyday, which wasn’t an easy affair. As she lived far from the beach, and didn’t have a driver’s license, Julia had to hitchhike there.

She learned a lot from her friends, but when she wanted to start with freestyle they couldn’t help her anymore. Julia watched tutorials on Youtube in order to learn the most important tricks.

Check her out!

The latest competition she took a part of was PKA BORACAY 2018, where she got a shared 1st place in freestyle, 2nd place in Twin Tip Racing and 3rd place in Hangtime.

You can read all about her, and share her experiences through her blog: www.fuertejulia.com

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The hardest marathons of Rafa Nadal

Rafael Nadal fought like a lion, but, for once, the lion was tamed. The Spanish, many people score for the trophy after their 10 French Open victory last month, saw their hopes of a third Wimbledon title ended in a dramatic, exciting 6-3, 6-4, 3-6, 4- 6, 13 of Gilles Müller, the semifinal No.16 of Luxembourg. Serving and volleying wonderfully along, the 34-year-old left-hander was nervous when a collector Nadal threatened to turn him around and reached the quarterfinals for the first time in his career.

Twelve years after surprising Nadal when the Spaniard came to Wimbledon after his first win at Roland Garros, this was an even better performance and a bigger shock, such was the way Nadal, 31, had come to the 16 without dropping a set. Müller, whose expression has hardly changed despite the most intense pressure, remained firm, achieving a famous victory after four hours and 47 minutes when Nadal sent a blow just above the baseline.

“I really have not realized what just happened,” Müller said. “It’s a great feeling, I was thinking if I had to come back the next day to finish the game, I’m happy to finish it and to be in the quarter-finals.” I had two sets, played very well and then Rafa raised him. I think I had four match points and I did not do them, so it was very difficult. “When I had these last two [match points] I told myself to go for 100%.