7 ways to keep a positive attitude

We have all been there. The day seems endless from the second you get out of bed. Everything just seems dark, and sad! However, these are the days where it is important to keep a positive attitude. Below you’ll get seven easy ways to keep that positive attitude up.

1. Laughter

Laughter is proven to have a very good effect on humans, and really is the best medicine. Remember to fill your days with humor. Crack a joke once in a while, reminisce about funny stories, or watch funny YouTube videos. How you get there is up to you, but remember the importance of laughter.

2. Be kind to others

Being kind and having a nice attitude towards others, automatically makes you feel better about yourself, and an extra bonus is being more positive.

3. Gratitude journal

Keep a journal of all things you have to feel gratefull about, and on sad days you can have a look to be reminded of all things positive in your life.

4. Take real breaks

When working long hours, it is important to take breaks and disconnect once in a while. However, many does this with their email still open on their phones. When you take a break, leave your desk, computer, phone and everything that connects you to your working tasks and go for a real break.

5. Listen to music that matches your mood

If you are sad, listening to happy music wont neccessarily boost your mood. But listening to sad music can. It has been shown that people find sad music beautiful and connects it to something happy rather than sad.

6. A little bit of self-care everyday

Take time out in your busy day to do something just for you. Even 20 minutes with “me-time” goes a long way when coming to positive thinking.

7. Create high-points every week

Having something to look forward to, always enhance positive attitude. Some weeks it may be something big, other weeks it may be just to have the house to yourself for two hours. Whatever it is, try to plan it in advance and look forward to it.

How do you manage to keep a positive attitude? Let us know in the comment section.

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