5 advices to protect your phone

Every day mobile phones have less lifetime. The new designs are spectacular, but at the same time they have also weakened the robustness and resistant of the devices. How many times haven’t you seen someone with a cracked screen on their smart phone? How many times haven’t your heard someone complain about the battery life on their phone being to short?

“Today we give you 5 advices on how to protect your phone. Following these steps your device will be more resistant to falls and the passage of time.”

1. A great phone case.

The most important to protect your mobile from falls is a great phone case. It’s difficult to avoid your phone from falling, but phone cases with good quality reduces the risks of breakage when it happens. We recommend you a phone case made of resistant material, but somewhat flexible, that softens the blows.  An important feature for a good phone case is that the edges rise above the screen and camera. So when it falls, none of this important parts of the device will reach the floor. Protection of the camera is a characteristic not many producers focus on.

5 advices to protect your phone

Go for a phone case with high quality that offers great protection for the smart phone you have invested so much money in.

2. Use a screen protector

If you don’t use a phone case with cap, its recommended to use a screen protector. Then the screen protectors will receive the blow instead of the screen if the accident occurs. Make sure the protector is for your phone model and have patience when you place it. We recommend you to use tempered glass since it’s the most durable. And change it once in a while. The screen will always be as perfect as the first day if you protect it.

5 advices to protect your phone

3. Pamper the battery

To extend the lifetime of your mobile to the maximum you need to take care of the battery. Out of everything you have read or heard about charing the battery, the most important thing is to avoid it reaching to high temperatures. Never leave your phone in the sun! Extreme heat is your phones worst enemy.

5 advices to protect your phone

Uninstall the applications you’re not using, stop the apps running in the background, keep them updated and use saving mode. The lifetime of your battery will lengthen with these easy steps.

4. Don’t bring your phone everywhere

Today we like to have photos from all the places we visit and share them on social media. It seems like we can’t live without the smart phone. However, if you want to keep it as long as possible, you should avoid bringing it to certain places. For instance its not highly recommended to bring your phone on a run. It can suffer damages because of sweat or unfortunate falls. Don’t bring it to the beach neither, unless you isolate is really well, because the sand is a big enemy for electronic devices.

5 advices to protect your phone

Ask yourself if it really is necessary to bring your phone this time. If the answer is no, leave it at home to rest.

5. Keep it away from liquids

Even though many of the new phones are water resistant, its advisable to not even expose them for humidity. Some producers even confirm that “The resistance against water, splashes and dust is not permanent and can fade as a consequence of usage. If the device has suffered from a small hit, leakage may occur inside of it. So its better not to risk it. Also, the producers usually don’t cover water damage in their guaranty.

5 advices to protect your phone

With these 5 advices, it shouldn’t be to difficult to keep your phone for quite a while.

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You’ll want to turn your phone around!

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